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The Marcus Brown Heritage Society



To recognize those who have invested in Niagara University and have realized the important legacy a planned gift creates, the university established the Marcus Brown Heritage Society. Gifts may benefit special purposes such as endowed scholarships or chairs, the Niagara Fund (general purposes), or particular colleges and programs within the university. There is no minimum gift level and membership is permanent and complimentary.

Planned gifts support many areas of the university, from endowment to capital improvements and scholarships. The following alumni and friends have left Niagara University a legacy gift and are recognized as members of our Heritage Society:

Casimir J., '60,* and Lyndell Abramczyk
Dr. Carmelo T. Andolina, '38*
Emil R., '43,* and Jeannette Annunziato
Annamarie C. Barone, MA '52*
Fred J. Barone, '57*
Carol A. Barrett
Henry J., '50,* and Jennie Batsleer
William H. Jr., '47,* and Lorraine Beake
James M. Bedard Jr., '43*
Marie Rougeaux Bedard, '44*
Walter J., '54,* and Jeanne M. Beecher
Rev. Alfred A. Blaeser , 1928*
Leonit T.* and Betty J. Bohdanow, '43*
Henry J. Borgese*
Dr. Henrik Borgstrom+ and Donna L. DeCarolis
Dr. Owen A. Boylan, '56*
George T. Brady, '68*
Rev. Stephen P. Breen *
John W. Brophy, '37*
Richard H.* and Jane Brown*
Emily Buonavita*
Thomas J. Burch III, '75
Dr. Bernard J. Burke , '39*
Rev. Edward J. Burke, Hon. '91 *
Archibald J., 1928,* and Marguerite Cadzow
Rev. Msgr. Angelo M. Caligiuri, '55
Elizabeth M. Callahan
David G. Cameron, '80
Mary Beth Tierney Cameron, '80
David N., '63, Hon. '88, and Gay Wind Campbell, '63
Bonnie S. Cantara, '66*
William P., '67, and Christine Carroll
Rev. Thomas A. Casella*
Theresa M. Chiodo, MA '50*
John J. Collins *
Janet F. Collins *
Dr. Charles R., '54,* and Arlene Collins
Rev. Edward A. Colohan*
Robert L. Conforto*
Dr. Philip T., '42,* and Margaret Cortese
Debra Finley-Cottone, '75, and Daniel Cottone
Rev. Msgr. Thomas E. Crane
Walter Czapla *
Edward J. Daly, '41*
Frederick A., '55, and Donna DeJohn
Michael W., '76, and Mary Bermel de la Montaigne, '75
Edwina Bennett Denz , '53*
Dolly Gay Dewey, '54
Lewis S. Dietz, '39*
Rev. Michael L. Diskin, '70
John Divito, '59*
Donald J. Dixous, '59*
LTC (Ret) Robert W., '54,* and Effie Donnelly
Raymond L. Donoghue, '43*
John F. Donohue, '56*
Rose Mary Ochs Dorsey*
Rev. John P. Duggan *
Dr. Francis P. Egan, MS '38*
Dr. Irene J. Elia, '53
Rev. Msgr. John Endebrock *
Rev. Msgr. Herbert Engelhardt, '37*
Robert B., '75, Hon. '06, and Lynda Engel
Patricia J. Ericksen, '73
Henry C. Fadden , '41,* and Natalie Fadden
Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Fadden , '54*
Dr. Ross L., '63, and Shirley Fanara
LTC Gerald E. Feeney , '56,* and Mary Katherine
                  O'Shea Feeney, '56
Rev. Msgr. Vincent J. Ferrando, Hon. '90*
Joyce E. Fink
Dr. James J., '51, and Patricia Finnerty
Edward M., '52, and Elizabeth Flynn
Robert E., '65,* and Marilyn Chandler Ford
Philip R., MA '39,* and Naomi Fortune
Norma T. Foster*
Paul I. Foster, '38*
Lewis E. Foulk*
Rev. John J. Fox, '56*
Dr. John G. Fraser, '47*
Dr. Sherrill A., '64,* and Kathleen Fridmann
Dr. Michael J. Fugle Jr., '60*
Ms. Norma K. Fulp*
Bernard R. Garey, '57
Dr. John J. Garrett, '44
Eugene L., '54, and Frances Gazza
Jack A., '39, Hon. 94,* and Florence Gellman
Renato Giavazzoli *
Sue Giavazzoli *
Thomas J. Gibbons, '72, and Linda Siple
Kenneth R. Glaser, '60
John P., '73, and Mary Ellen Miller Gleason
Joanne Godfrey, '76*
Dr. Sheila A. Gorman, '59
Dr. John, '69 and Carol Cole Greene, '69
Mark and Roberta Kantz Gross, '79
Jean Hackenheimer
John C. Halloran, Hon. '62*
Robert J. Halloran, '58*
Brian T., '76, and Joanne Hassett
Hope M. Hastings, '51*
Daniel C., '72 and Catherine Brinda Hauck, '72
Dr. Arthur F. Helin , '36*
Dr. Arthur F. Helin, '36*
Florence E. Herrly*
Ann Marie Hickey *
Robert F. Hille *
John A., '71, and Shelley Hochreiter
Jeanette Y. Holleran
John Homik, '47*
Dr. John J. Hughes, '67*
Edward J. II, '51,* and Olga Jennings
Marjory Jones*
Suzanne P. Jones , '69*
Edward F. Joseph , '40, Hon. '64*
F. William, '60,* and Margaret Breier Joynt, '62
Michael J., MS '60, and Aimee Rusinko Kakos
Stephen Kalota, '51*
Dr. Michael D. Keem, '72
Helen M. Keenan*
James F. Kelly, '51*
Jessica A. Kemp, '03
James L. Kenefick, '51
Edward L. Kennedy, '50*
Jeremiah M. Kennedy, '41*
LTC Robert G., '62, and Kathleen Kenney
John H., '67, and Linda Klass
Peter G. Klem Jr., '44*
Donald E., '55,* and Judy Kneeland
Thomas A. Kolp, '67
Helen Konowalski*
Dr. Walter Kubiski* and Dr. Bonnie Rose
Mary E. LaFave *
 Senator Benjamin J. Lambert, III* and Carolyn L. Morris Lambert, '62
Capt. Rocco L. LaRocca, '39*
William C. LaRocque, '69
Eugenia LaRusch*
William P.* '50, Hon. '85 and Marie Leary*
Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko*
Dr. John J. Lehner , '31*
Donald R. Leonard, '51*
John M. Jr., '73,* and Marilyn Chrzanowski Lojek, MS '75
Paul and Joan Lojpersberger
Marion J. Schnell Lyons*
Charles R. Macris, '71*
William L., '48,* and Leonora Maher
Mary M. Mahoney *
Gerald S. Malecki, '51*
Edward J. Malkiewich, '60*
Michael P., '67, and Sharon Morrow Maloney
Richard J., '68, and Cathy Manhey
Dr. Robert M., '65, and Meredythe Impey Martinez
Rev. Walter Matuszak, '54
Ann C. McCall *
Robert J. McCarthy , '54*
Robert E., '47,* and Barbara McCormack
Helen L. McDermott*
Arthur S. McDonald *
Muriel F. McGinnis*
Rev. Msgr. Walter J. McGrane*
Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. Lodge McHugh *
James P. McMahon, '38*
Richard J., 1929,* and Kathryn McManus
Donald J., '59,* and Sandra McPhee
Dr. Gerald C. Mead Jr., Hon. '20
Michael Miano
Mary Catharine Harney, '89, and Paul Miller
Dr. George H., '40, Hon. '85,* and Georgia Milly
Patrick A., '68, and Kathleen Barry Monti, '70
Richard F., '74, and Ann Oppedisano Moore, '74*
Richard F. Moore, '74
Eleanor M. Moran*
Leslie R. Morris*
Benjamin F. Mulderry *
Alma Munk*
Hugh B. Murphy, '59*
Joseph V. Murphy Jr.*
Julia T. Murphy*
Michael J. Murphy *
Patricia Kenslea Murphy, '59*
Ernestine J. Neurohr*
J. Jerome Nykiel, '74*
Thomas M., '72, Hon. 09, and Patricia O'Brien
M. Raymond Jr., '50,* and Marion O'Brien
Dr. Everett W. Ockerman, Hon. '88*
Dr. Robert E. O'Connor, '43*
Paul E. O'Leary*
Rev. Msgr. Eugene E. O'Loughlin *
Frances M. O'Malley
David J., '83,* and Dona Omanoff
Chester J. Jr., '70, and Karen Opalka
Salvatore A., '61, and Doreen Pace
Loretta Parker *
Marvin Parker, '51*
Victor L. Persbacker, '42*
Michael J. Petrina*
John D. Polanski, '50*
Marilyn L. Pollutro*
Arthur M. Powers, MA '57*
Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Powers *
Richard E. Powers, '37*
Dr. Gary D. and Carol Praetzel
Lou A. Preziosi, '55*
Charles M. Quigley , 1928*
Kathryn Rafter, '75, and Francey Beall
John G. Redmond, '43*
Thomas J., '83, and Enid Reiley
Edward D., '71, and Julie Riedlinger
John F., '58, Hon. 02,* and Judith Riordan
Col. Richard M., '52, and Kathleen Rodney
Dr. Bonnie F. Rose
Mary Ruckel*
Richard F. Ruhl, '75
Judith Quigley Ruse, '69
John F. Ryan, '49*
Martha McGrann, '73, and Mark J. Ryan, '72
Michael J., '72, and Rosemary Ascherl Salamone, '73
Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Scanlan, '50
Stephen F., '70,* and Maraleigh Schafer
Henry J., '56,* and Lucille Schiefer
Rev. Msgr. William A. Schwinger, '52*
Yogesh and Rosemary Shah, '70
Bruno A., '37, Hon. 58,* and Theresa Scrufari
Msgr. William N. Serado, '40*
Margaret Potter Shelton, '77
Dr. Timothy V., '65, and Virginia Siepel
Rev. Msgr. Onofrio R. Smiroldo, '50*
Doris M. Gibbs Spencer*
Rev. R. Mansfield Starks *
Barbara Steinwachs * and Arthur Bechhoefer
James J. Steinway, '58*
Dr. Carl J., '32,* and Edith Streicher
Ileane E.* and Harold Suitor
Alice M. Sulik, '52
Lawrence J., '68, and Linda Sundram
Alice V. Swords *
Elmer H. Taylor, '43*
Most Rev. Donald W. Trautman, Hon. '86
Art V. Jr., '69, and Barbara A. Nagengast Traver, '69
Rev. Joseph C. Trinka, '56*
Rev. Louis P. Trotta
Francis E., '48,* and Margaret Tucker
Clarence T. Ulrich, '39*
Dorothy M. Ulrich*
Rev. Louis A. Vallone, '48*
John E. Venuti, '43*
Irma Vitalis *
Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Waclawski *
Stanley F. Wadell *
Rev. Msgr. James E. Wall, '59
Thomas H., '42,* and Lucille Wall
Patricia Walos*
Charles T. Weber , '42*
Josephine C. Welfare*
Dr. Reinhardt W., '53,* and Marilyn Wende
Alan C., '67, and Kathleen West
Isabel B. Walloga, '59,* and Raymond Wood
Rev. Joseph R. Wright, MA '62*
Rev. Msgr. Rupert A. Wright, '52*
Erna I. Wring *
Dr. Peter C. and Paris Yesawich
Frank J. Zampatori Jr., '66*
Donald F., '60, and Gail Zorn