The Heritage Society



To recognize those who have invested in Niagara University and have realized the important legacy a planned gift creates, the university established the Heritage Society. Gifts may benefit special purposes such as endowed scholarships or chairs, the Niagara Fund (general purposes), or particular colleges and programs within the university. There is no minimum gift level and membership is permanent and complimentary.

Planned gifts support many areas of the university, from endowment to capital improvements and scholarships. The following alumni and friends have left Niagara University a legacy gift and are recognized as members of our Heritage Society:

Emil R. Annunziato, ’43
Jeanne M.B. Beecher
Dolores Bower
Angelo M. Caligiuri, ’55
Elizabeth M. Callahan
David G. Cameron, ’80
Mary Beth Tierney Cameron, ’80
David N., ’63 Hon., ’88 and Gay, ’63 Campbell
William P. Carroll, ’67
Thomas E. Crane, ’56
Frederick A. DeJohn, ’55
Dolly Dewey, ’54
Irene J. Elia, ’53
Robert Bruce Engel, ’75
Patricia J. Ericksen, ’73
Ross L. Fanara, ’63
Joyce E. Fink
James Joseph Finnerty, ’51
Thomas J. Flannery, ’81
Edward M. Flynn, ’52
Bernard R. Garey, ’57
John J. Garrett, ’44
Eugene L. Gazza, ’54
Florence Gellman
Tom J. Gibbons, ’72
John P. Gleason, ’73
Sheila A. Gorman, ’59
John D., ’69 and Carol, ’69 Greene
Roberta Gross, ’79
Jean Hackenheimer
Brian T. Hassett, ’76
Daniel C. Hauck, ’72 and Catherine B., ’72 Hauck
John A. Hochreiter, ’71
Jeanette Y. Holleran
Margaret Mary Joynt, ’62
Michael J. Kakos, ’60
Michael D. Keem, ’72

Jessica Anne Kemp, ‘04
James L. Kenefick, ’51
Robert G. Kenney, ’62
John H. Klass, ’67
Thomas A. Kolp, ’67
Carolyn Lee Lambert, ’62
William C. LaRocque, ’69
Marilyn C. Lojek, ‘75
Paul Lojpersberger
Michael P. Maloney, ‘67
Richard J. Manhey, ’68
Robert M. Martinez, ’65
Mary Catherine Alexandria Miller, ’89
Patrick A., ‘68 and Kathleen Barry, ’70 Monti
Richard F. Moore, ‘74 and Ann O. ’74 Moore
Thomas Michael O’Brien, ’72
Frances M. O’Malley
Chester J. Opalka, ’70
Salvatore Alexander Pace, ’61
Michael A. Puglisi, ’52
Edward D. Riedlinger, ’71
Richard M. Rodney, ’52
Bonnie F. Rose
Richard F. Ruhl, ’75
Judith Ruse, ’69
Mark J. Ryan, ‘72 and Martha, ’73 Ryan
Edward J. Scanlan, ’50
Timothy V. Siepel, ’65
Lawrence J., ’68 and Linda Sundram
Donald W. Trautman, ’62
Arthur V. Traver, ’69 and Barbara, ’69 Traver
Louis P. Trotta
James E. Wall, ’59
Alan C. West, ’57
Donald F. Zorn, ’60