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Owen A. Boylan, ’56, DDS, Remembered Niagara University Through His Estate Planning


Doctor Boylan was a lifetime resident of Rochester, New York. He passed away in June 2015 at home, surrounded by his family. He studied music at an early age and developed a passion for the art, which was shown through his organ collection displayed in a special room in his home. Family and friends enjoyed listening to him play, and he was a true artist of his craft.

After graduating from Niagara in 1956, Owen went on to Georgetown University to complete his doctor of dental surgery degree and eventually opened his practice in the 1960s. Owen, a member of the U.S. Navy after WWII, served two terms on the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

Owen made a very generous bequest to his alma mater with an estate gift that will help Niagara in many ways. Dr. Boylan made arrangements for two distributions from his estate, one from a TOD (transfer-on-death) plan and a second that named Niagara as the beneficiary of an IRA annuity. His gift is benefiting a number of projects on campus, and Niagara University is most grateful to Dr. Boylan for his kind generosity. His memory and generosity will soon be recognized in the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences.