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Jessica Kemp ’04 Makes Life Insurance Gift in Thanks for All of the Education and Athletic Opportunities NU Provided

Jessica Kemp

Jessica Kemp is quick to say that her time at Niagara was the best four years of her life. She was a student-athlete who played basketball all four years while simultaneously earning both her BS in business commerce and her MBA, graduating in 2004. NU offered the type of business degree she was seeking, and the warm atmosphere and friendly environment made Niagara an easy choice. She also received a full scholarship for basketball.

In gratitude for all of the education and athletic opportunities she received, Jessica is giving back with a planned gift naming Niagara as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. “It is the most affordable way to give the largest amount at my age,” she says, “and the premiums I pay are tax deductible.” Her gift will support the Athletic Department at Niagara.

Jessica played professional basketball in Europe for two years after graduation then took a sales job in Toronto before joining her family’s business. She is currently the president and financial advisor at Kemp Financial Group, Inc.

“Learning how to be a team player, making lifelong friendships, and time-management skills are some of the most important things I gained from attending Niagara,” Jessica says. “Being a student-athlete is very unique, especially playing on a Division I team. I had to learn to balance the roles of being a full-time student and a full-time athlete.” Many of the skills she learned through this experience she uses today in her career as a financial and estate planner.

Since graduation, Jessica has served as co-chair of the Board of Advisors Athletic Committee and has attended many NU athletic and fundraising events. “I really appreciated the ‘small school’ environment and the personal attention I received from my professors,” she says. “It gave me a sense of community and a feeling of comfort and security throughout my time there.”

When asked what she might say to other alumni who may be considering making a gift to NU, Jessica says, “Regardless of the charity or institution you choose to support, a planned or deferred gift should be part of your financial or estate plan. It’s a good way to leave a positive legacy after your death and can have tax benefits for your beneficiaries. If you believe that Niagara played a major role in your life and can find it in your heart, then you should consider a gift to Niagara in your estate plan.”